Terms & Conditions



  • Take A Peep, LLC requires all clients to have undergone a pregnancy test by their Doctor to confirm pregnancy and their due date.


  • Take A Peep, LLC cannot be used as a medical substitute or replacement of a doctor. All clients must be under a physician’s care and this information must be disclosed before being seen at Take A Peep, LLC. We do not provide a medical service, we do not diagnose any of our customers, or provide any medical information.


  • All clients will be required to sign a release form before the ultrasound. Stating the client understands what is taking place and being performed. Each client is fully aware that Take A Peep, LLC provides non medical, non diagnostic elective ultrasounds not be replaced by a doctor and that each client should currently be under the care of a Doctor or clinic.


  • Gender determination starts at 15 weeks gestation. Although there are factors that can intervene during the scan. Such as, position of the baby, placenta as well as the mothers body build.


  • We understand that sometimes during ultrasounds, the baby doesn’t want to cooperate due to position, placenta, activity and other contributing factors. Therefore, we will offer one rescan at no charge at the discretion of the sonographer. There will be no free rescans offered to individuals who schedule their gender determination appointment for earlier than 15 weeks, or for any ultrasounds scheduled on or after 36 weeks and 0 days.